chelsea (discorsi) wrote in sunriseset,

I posted these two quotes in my journal a few days ago, and I thought I'd post them here too, since they're two of my favorite little schpeals from the movies. And also, I love them because I feel like I can relate to them. :)

"So often in my life I've been with people, and shared beautiful moments like travelling, or staying up all night and watching the sunrise, and I knew those were special moments. But something was always wrong. I wished I'd been with someone else."
- Selene from Before Sunrise

"I've always felt there was some kind of mystical chord in the universe. More recently, I've started to think that I don't have any permanent place here. You know, in eternity, or whatever. And the more I think of it, I know I can't go through life saying that this is no big deal. I mean, this is it! This is actually happening. What do you think is interesting? What do you think is funny? What do you think is important? You know? Every day is our last-"
- Jesse from Before Sunset
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