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first community on livejournal

Peace and Respect...

I'm new to livejournal, this is actually the first community I've joined.  I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate through this site.

Before Sunrise is my favorite movie.  After watching it the 100th time you notice even more details you love about the movie.  Like the artwork Julie Deply describes as "transitory" and says that she stared at it for 30 minutes once, and that "the background is almost more important than the people in it".  This was very interesting artwork that I was totally unfamiliar with.  What is it called?  Anybody know?  I was reflecting on that piece of art, and often there are so many people we pass by in our daily lives, and don't notice so much... it is as if they fade into the background of their environment, "transitory".  Also, we ourselves sometimes may feel so isolated or distanced from the minds and hearts of others that we feel like blending into a background.  That's why I thought that artwork was so beautiful.

-1 Love-
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