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Newbie Post Brings Movie Rec

Hi everyone, I just joined the commmunity after having loved Before Sunrise for seven years. I watched it for the first time late one night as I was packing for my first visit to the college that I would eventually attend. Naturally, the combination of nighttime, the film itself, and my thoughts about my adventurous future combined to make that first viewing experience magical, and I've been in love ever since.

Anyway, I also wanted to make a present of a movie recommendation, something I think that every Sunrise/Sunset fan will also adore: A Little Romance. The film is about Lauren, an American girl and Daniel, a French boy, who meet in Paris and fall in love (see the similarities?). For me, in many ways it's a thematic prequel to Linklater's films, complete with an amazing soundtrack. It's a beautiful film, although rather obscure, and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys stories about romance in Europe.
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